Faq Marketplace Health Plan Enrollments in Atlanta obamacare

Georgia Health Insurance Marketplace

A. Enroll through Georgia Health Insurance Marketplace’s federal enrollment partner website via the secure www.georgiahealthinsurancemarketplace.com website and receive direct human assistance should you need help. The name of the representative that appears on your screen will be the exact same representative available to you throughout the year. You will receive immediate online confirmation both from healthcare.gov and from your chosen health insurance provider (either Alliant, Ambetter, Anthem/Blue CrossBlueShield or Kaiser) B. Enroll directly on the phone (by calling either 404-975-3313 or toll free at 800-976-1401) with a Georgia Health Insurance Marketplace representative.. Your representative will be courteous, knowledgeable, informative and transparent and he will be directly accountable to you from the start to finish. (obamacare)
Many of the online federal enrollment questions are either poorly worded and/or ambiguous and Georgia consumers may end up answering questions incorrectly. It happens all the time.
Your monthly payment (after your applied monthly federal subsidy called an APTC) is primarily based on your household family size and your “projected” gross household income. Unfortunately, even the savviest Georgia consumers are “math challenged” and will incorrectly project their upcoming gross household income and will end up having to pay the penalties later for an incorrect projection on the federal application.. Household income is based on the “following” year, not “last year’s” income. In this economy, consumer household income can vary from year to year and some consumers may unwittingly “project” their household income in a way that deprives them of vary valuable “medical cost sharing reductions” including lower annual deductibles, lower co-insurance and lower co-payments.
In the case where a Georgia consumer is already enrolled, they may fail to update the income portion of their application and end up being automatically re-enrolled with an outrageous monthly payment increase for the following year, even though their “projected” household income may in reality be lower than the prior year.
IMPORTANT:There are 4 specific income ranges for each level of monthly federal assistance (APTC) and 4 specific income ranges for “medical cost sharing reductions”. We know them by heart and we know them for each family size whether you are single, married, or a family of 3 or 4 or 5. This is our most valuable information and unlike many Georgia consumers, we are extremely comfortable with mathematical calculations and projections. Our knowledge is valuable and our service is free.
Each and every year from mid-December through October (when we are outside of the federal Open Enrollment Period), Georgia Health Insurance Marketplace receives hundreds of calls from Georgia residents to either our 404-975-3313 number or to our 800-976-1401 toll free number or texts to our 404-951-7600 consumer text line. The calls or texts are asking us to rectify mistakes due to an annual auto re-enrollment by either Alliant or Ambetter or Blue Cross Blue Shield or Kaiser. These Georgia consumers were auto re-enrolled in an outdated original federal application and they are paying the price with an inappropriate rate increase.
We are certified Federally Facilitated Marketplace Broker Representativesand (with your permission) we can access federal enrollment applications through our proprietary federal Marketplace Enrollment Partner software, Quotit and promptly make corrections . We are annually tested and certified to be able to qualify to be able to offer this unique service to Georgia consumers. And we only work with Georgia residents so we know Georgia health insurance very well.
It’s a challenge. And that’s why we always suggest the following to Georgia residents:

a) If you’ve never enrolled in a Marketplace plan, call us at well before November 1 when Open Enrollment starts. We’ll take your information and then make a call to you during Open Enrollment to update your information.

b) If you currently have a marketplace plan and you want to make sure that your upcoming re-enrollment is correctly updated and done in a way that provides you the maximum allowable qualifying monthly federal assistance, then call us at either our 404-975-3313 Atlanta Georgia number or our 800-976-1401 toll free number or text us at our 404-951-7600 consumer courtesy text line, and we will have your federal marketplace application and enrollment done accurately and correctly..

c) Our federal Marketplace Enrollment Partner website (Quotit) makes it easy to enroll yourself. You input your name, date of birth, zip code, Georgia county, email address, phone number, household family size on your upcoming tax return, upcoming “projected” household income, and then the names and dates of birth of only family members to be enrolled.
You’ll then get an immediate quote based on the family size and gross projected income submitted and then you’ll be directed to healthcare.gov to do your online marketplace application. At that time, we’ll either call you (only once) or text you (only once) to see if you need any help and we may then (only with your permission), proceed on your behalf while we have you on the phone.

d) If you can do it on your own, then once you’ve completed the Marketplace application, you’ll open and read your specific Eligibility Notice and rthen eturn back to the Quotit Enrollment Partner Website to choose your plan.
At that time (and at that time only )will you be able to see not only your “confirmed” monthly federal assistance amount and your “confirmed” monthly payment (after your monthly subsidy), but you will also be able to now see how much of a “Medical Cost Sharing Reduction” you qualified for (lower annual deductibles, lower co-insurance and lower co-pays)
The private health insurance company you chose will contact you well prior to the policy effective date to let you know when the first payment will be due. It is highly recommended that you make your initial payment as soon as possible. You do NOT pay Georgia Health Insurance Marketplace.
If you enroll through Georgia Health Insurance Marketplace, you will receive immediate confirmation of application completion from healthcare.gov via email and immediate confirmation of enrollment through your chosen private health insurance company, whether it be Alliant Health, Ambetter, Blue Cross Blue Shield or Kaiser Health Insurance.
Yes, the federal tax penalties are in effect for the 2018 taxable year and they are punitive: $695 per eligible household adult and $395 per eligible child without an ACA/IRS compliant plan. Those Georgia residents who are under 100% of the federal poverty level do not pay the federal fine. Those Georgia residents with household sizes of 1/2/3/4/5 and income BELOW $12,140 / $16,460 / $20,780 / $25,100 /$29, 420 respectively, should not have to pay the 2018 federal fine. Due to the fact that the state of Georgia has no expanded Medicaid, these families under 100% of the poverty level never qualified for monthly financial assistance in the first place because their projected 2018 gross annual household income was below 100% of the federal poverty level.
The financial assault on Georgia’s middle and upper -middle class taxpayers is an “unintended consequence” of the Affordable Care Act and it is heartbreaking. The poorest of Georgia adults don’t qualify at all and those in middle or upper-middle class incomes can’t afford it. We receive calls from both economic spectrums each and every day. For those middle and upper middle income families unable to afford an ACA plan, health care reform allows certain ACA and IRS compliant “association” health plans to be made available to Georgia residents. Although these plans are not for everyone, they can be significantly less expensive than ACA plans. Since these plans cannot be offered by traditional health insurance companies, they also cannot be classified as insurance per se even though they offer PPO plans that include Telemedicine, Preventive Testing, X-Rays, Dr visits, Urgent Care, Prescription Drug Discounts, In-Patient and Out- Patient Surgery, and Hospitalization.
Yes feel free to contact Georgia Health insurance Monday through Sunday from 7:00AM- 11PM. We are in no way beholding to any Georgia health insurance company in particular. We are agnostic when it comes to plan choice. We will listen courteously, ask you some insightful questions, and offer you transparent and intelligent advice on what might be the best health insurance plan in your particular situation, whether it be an ACA plan, a short term plan, dental plan, alternative association plan, Medicare plan or small business health insurance plan. Just call us at either our 404-975-3313 number or our 800-976-1401 toll free number or text us at our 404-951-7600 consumer courtesy text line. We’re here to help all Georgia residents.