What We Do Affordable Care Act Marketplace Enrollments in Atlanta


In 2010, immediately after the passage of the Affordable Care Act (also referred to sometimes as ACA plans, obamacare, obama care, obama healthcare or affordable health care act), Georgia Health Insurance Marketplace was created as a privately funded organization dedicated to helping Georgia residents and Georgia small businesses to enroll in Affordable Care Act Marketplace plans and to also help Georgia residents find health care for every type of health insurance available, including major medical insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, short term insurance, Medicare insurance, small business health insurance plans, telemedicine and ACA/IRS compliant alternative health plans.

All of the private health insurance plans available on our quoting, comparing and enrollment website  are with health insurance companies offering health insurance quotes and confirmed enrollments for health insurance plans available in Georgia. Affordable Care Act Marketplace Enrollments in Atlanta

The totality of health care plans are available through AARP Health Insurance, Aetna, Aliera Healthcare, Alliant Healthcare, Ambetter, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna Health Insurance, Coventry Health Care, Golden Rule Health Insurance, Humana Health Insurance, Kaiser Health Insurance, Mutual of Omaha, National General Insurance, NHIC, Omaha Insurance Company, United Healthcare and Unity Healthshare.

Affordable Care Act (ACA) plans are available through the only health insurance companies participating in the Georgia Health Exchange. Some may refer to this as government insurance. That is a misnomer. The private insurance companies participating in ACA plans offering private health care only include Alliant Healthcare, Ambetter, Blue Cross Blue Shield and Kaiser. For many Georgia residents, affordable health insurance is available, and for those who think they can’t afford an ACA plan, we can help. Those with cobra health insurance or student health insurance may not realize that affordable health insurance is available to them.

For those exploring health care reform, more affordable health care is available through short term health insurance, ancillary plans, accident plans, high deductible plans, telemedicine plans and alternative basic health plans. These health insurance plans are available through Aliera Healthcare, Golden Rule Insurance, National General Insurance Company, NHIC and United Healthcare Insurance.

Health care reform brought Georgia alternative “association” medical care plans including ACA and IRS compliant health benefits that may mean more affordable healthcare for families in middle and higher income brackets. Some of these plans offer PPO coverage with the largest PPO in Georgia (PHCS). Healthcare management is provided by Aliera Healthcare and Unity Healthshare and PHCS is the same health care

Provider and PPO network used by Georgia’s major health insurance companies. Although these are “non-denominational” health care, the health care system is sometimes referred to as “Christian Health Insurance.” And since they are not offered by insurance companies per se, these health plans cannot be classified as insurance

Georgia Health Insurance Marketplace is a Georgia Agency that helps Georgia residents to compare health insurance. We provide secure quoting, enrollment and confirmations through our Federal Health Insurance Marketplace Enrollment Partner website. Georgia residents can decide which is the best health insurance available to them and then choose a quality healthcare plan using our secure online health insurance comparison quoting and enrollment system.

For lower and middle income Georgia residents, family size and household income calculations may mean that the most affordable health insurance and the best health insurance with quality healthcare may end up being better and more affordable than cheap health insurance. We are here to help Georgia residents in all income brackets with intelligent choices using our easy to use secure  health insurance quoting and health insurance comparison and enrollment confirmation system. The Georgia Health Insurance Marketplace SEED Mission Statement is as follows:

Simplify the enrollment process with both one-on-one human assistance and automated self-enrollment.
Educate Georgia residents about federal subsidies and medical cost sharing reduction opportunities.
Enroll Georgia residents with our proprietary Federal Insurance Marketplace Enrollment Partner
Document the enrollment with confirmations from both healthcare.gov and the private insurance company.

In 2013, immediately prior to the initial Marketplace Open Enrollment Period, we began providing (for all 159 Georgia counties), individual rates and monthly financial assistance calculations for all of Georgia’s federally participating private health insurance companies including (at that time and beyond) Ambetter, BlueCross Blue Shield, Coventry, Humana, Kaiser and United Healthcare.

In 2015, we formed a partnership with the nation’s most robust Federal Marketplace Enrollment Partner Website  to provide Georgia consumers with the most secure enrollment website available. The Georgia Health Insurance Marketplace Representative’s name that appears on the individual consumer’s  quoting and enrollment screen will always be the exact same Georgia Health Insurance Representative who will be able to help them from the beginning and throughout the year. We are accountable to Georgia residents.

From 2010-2018, we have helped tens of thousands of Georgia residents to correctly enroll in the most affordable health insurance plans available. Additionally, for those who did not originally enroll with us, we remedy prior unintentional consumer or representative mistakes made by the consumers themselves and/or y others.

Georgia Health Insurance Marketplace provides courteous and accountable quoting and enrollments for:

  • Affordable Care Act (also known as obamacare or obama care or obama health care) Health Plans
  • Dental Plans and Vision Plans
  • Short Term Health Insurance including ancillary plans, accident plans and supplemental health care
  • Medicare Plans (Medicare Advantage, Prescription Drug Plans and Medicare Supplement Plans)
  • Employee/Employer Small Group/ Small Business Health Insurance plans
  • Low-Cost ACA and IRS compliant Alternative “Association” Plans for individuals and employees